Trade-in Appraisal Tool in Welland, Ontario

If you’re looking to help defer the cost of a new vehicle, to clear some space in the garage, or you simply need a quick cash infusion, you can do so by selling your vehicle to the team at Ontario’s Welland Honda. By filling out our simple and secure online trade-in appraisal form, you’ll begin the process of having your vehicle’s value appraised—so we can get you a fair market or above market price on your used vehicle. Click the link below to begin filling out our appraisal form, or read on to learn more about how you can get the best value for your used vehicle!

Why Sell Your Vehicle to Welland Honda?

Not only are we Welland’s premier destination for all things Honda, from new vehicles to service and accessories, but we also offer a great selection of pre-owned vehicles spanning all makes and models. To do so, we are always looking for quality used vehicles so we can stock our pre-owned inventory with vehicles offering a smart blend of quality, reliability, and value. Even if it doesn’t end up being sold at Welland Honda, it could find its way to our SHARPCAR website, a brand new way to shop for pre-owned vehicles!

Pre-Owned Inventory

We Offer Fair Market Value For Used Vehicles

In order to offer you the best value for your used vehicle, we utilize industry leader Kelley Blue Book and their vehicle appraisal tool to provide fast and accurate initial valuations. By answering a few questions about the vehicle you plan to sell, our tool will find comparable vehicles for sale and sold across Canada, ensuring that you’ll receive the best value for your trade-in—whether you’re upgrading to a newer model, or just selling it for some extra cash.  

Now, this simply begins the process in terms of getting you a final price for your vehicle, as there are a number of factors resulting in our final offer—including the condition of the vehicle’s interior, exterior, and mechanical components. We will still need to perform an in-person inspection of your vehicle to ensure that it meets the strict quality standards we pride ourselves on here at Welland Honda. Of course, we want to make this process as easy on you as possible, which is why thanks to the Welland Honda Direct At Home Service initiative we will gladly come to you to finish the trade-in appraisal process!

Want to get the best value possible for your vehicle? Read on to learn a few tips and tricks when it comes time to sell your vehicle.

How to Increase Your Vehicle’s Trade-in Value

We’ve compiled a list of things you can do when you bring your vehicle in, to ensure you get the best value possible. Simply follow our tips below, and you can maximize the return when selling your pre-owned vehicle.

Keep It Clean

This goes for both when you’re selling your vehicle, as well as while you own it. By keeping your vehicle clean, it will be easier to avoid strange smells or interior damage, plus it will just look better. When you bring it in for an appraisal you should remove your personal items, and it never hurts to have the interior detailed or the exterior cleaned before your visit.

Follow the Vehicle’s Suggested Maintenance Schedule

To get the most value from your vehicle it needs to be in the best condition possible, and there’s no easier way to keep your vehicle in excellent condition than by following the suggested scheduled maintenance and service intervals. They’re put there for a reason, and not only will they get you better value down the road, it’ll probably save you money in the short term as well.

Keep Service Records & Documents

Not only is it important to keep excellent care of your vehicle, you’ll want to keep the records of said care as proof that you’ve followed all the suggested service over the course of the vehicle’s life. Simply keep an envelope in your glove compartment by your owner’s manual, and keep track of any receipts related to service, parts, etc.

Include All Accessories & Parts

Whether you’ve purchased parts and accessories (OEM or aftermarket), or it’s something that came with the vehicle, you should include everything when you bring your vehicle to be evaluated. Extra wheels or a spare tire are a great value boost, as it allows the dealership to maximize their own return when they sell it down the road.

Do Low-Cost Repairs Yourself

You don’t have to be a mechanic to make small repairs or replace certain parts of your vehicle. There is a wealth of information available online to help you perform minor repairs, and a small cost plus your time could equal an even greater return when you sell us your vehicle.

Have Your Vehicle Appraised by Welland Honda Today

Regardless of why, you can trust Welland Honda to provide you with fair market value for your vehicle—regardless of make or model. We’re one of the premier destinations for all things automotive in Southern Ontario, and we’re happy to continue to stock our pre-owned inventory with quality vehicles from the Welland area. Simply fill out the form below, or give us a call, and we can appraise your used vehicle, today!