While Honda has always been known for its efficient vehicles, it’s taking things a step further to provide a cleaner, greener driving experience in hopes of helping slow down vehicle-related emissions. While an all-electric lineup is Honda Canada’s plan for the future, the first offering has been recently announced, the all-new Honda Prologue SUV. Read on to learn more about the upcoming Honda Prologue with Welland, Ontario’s very own Welland Honda.

What to expect from the 2024 Honda Prologue

With a release date slated for the 2024 model year, the Honda Prologue is an all-electric SUV that will offer the same impressive capability, versatility, and reliability found throughout the Honda model lineup, only it will be engineered using the new and exciting Ultium battery platform. The Ultium platform is incredibly minimal, meaning there will be plenty more room in the Prologue for cargo space and other amenities. Being Honda’s flagship EV, you can also expect the Prologue to offer the most advanced safety and driver assistance technologies available. The icing on the cake? The Ultium platform will allow you to charge almost anywhere, and won’t result in additional maintenance, in fact, it will require even less maintenance than what your current, gasoline-powered Honda requires.

An all-electric future with Honda Canada

Honda Canada has set a goal of having 100% of its North American vehicle sales in 2040 coming from zero-emission vehicles, with the 2024 Honda Prologue being the first in a long line of all-electric or emission-free vehicles. Going from 40% of all vehicles sold in 2030 being emissions free, to 80% in 2035, and finally, 100% in 2040, Honda actually aims to be completely carbon neutral across the world by 2050. While current models like the Accord Hybrid are a great place to start in reducing your carbon footprint, battery-electric and fuel cell electric vehicles like the 2024 Prologue are the way of the future—and Honda refuses to be left in the, or leave any, dust. 

To learn more about Honda’s plans for emission free driving, or to simply explore the current low-emission vehicles in Honda’s model lineup, give us a call or visit our Ontario dealership to learn more.