It’s the 4th time in 5 years that the Passport is recognized for its value


For the fourth time in the last five years, the Honda Passport has won a J.D. Power Canada ALG Residual Value Award. Declared to have the best residual value among midsize SUVs with 2-row seating.

J.D Power considers the Passport to have the highest residual value among mid-size SUVs with 2-row seating and predicts it will hold its value the best in its class.

“We are obviously extremely proud that the Honda Passport has been recognized by J.D. Power as having the best-in-class residual value,” says Steve Hui, Assistant Vice President Honda Canada. “The J.D. Power 2024 Canada ALG Residual Value Awards are renowned for recognizing vehicles that hold their value because of their engineering prowess, which encompasses quality, reliability and safety, this is true of all Honda vehicles and a commitment we take seriously for every model year.”

The J.D. Power Canada ALG Residual Value Awards are highly recognized and trusted. They are the automotive industry standard when it comes to recognizing vehicles that are projected to hold the highest percentage of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) after a three-year period.

This is an important consideration for car buyers when assessing the total cost of ownership and re-sale value for a vehicle they are considering, whether they chose to finance, lease or purchase with cash.

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