While the weather hasn’t quite turned the corner completely, the worst of winter appears to be over with spring on the horizon. Of course, while that means warmer weather and weekends on the highway or the campsite, it also means it’s time to do a little vehicle maintenance and prep work, to make sure you get the most out of your Honda over the warmer months. Read on with Welland Honda, and learn about our seven steps to get your Honda prepped for spring in Ontario!

7 Steps To Get Ready For Spring

  • Switch your tires
  • Check your wheel alignment
  • Check your brakes
  • Check your suspension
  • Replace your wiper blades
  • Get an oil change
  • Clean your vehicle
Swap your tires

1. Switch your tires

While winter tires offer you the best tread patterns and traction to get through the wet and icy winter, those tires simply won’t perform as well as a set of all-season or summer tires once the weather turns. Simply stop by Welland Honda, and we’ll help you find the right set of tires to get the most out of your Honda during the drier months.

2. Check your wheel alignment

Winter tends to cause a good deal of havoc when it comes to your wheel alignment. From potholes to uneven road surfaces, winter driving can negatively impact your wheel alignment, causing everything from uneven tire wear and an increase in road noise—all the way to a decrease in fuel economy. But once hoisted up in one of our service bays, we’ll be able to quickly re-align your wheels for spring and summer.

Check your wheel alignment

3. Check your brakes and brake pads

Winter driving means a bit more wear and tear on your brakes, due to all the contaminants on the road or the fact that you’re driving more cautiously. Road salt and sand find their way into your brake system as you drive, causing friction or worse. By checking your brakes and brake pads, you’ll know if they just need cleaning, or need to be replaced completely!

4. Check your suspension

Much like your brake system, your suspension has a number of exposed parts that can be damaged by an excess of salt, rocks, or sand, wreaking havoc on your Honda’s performance. While you’re at our service department, having your brakes checked and your wheels aligned, it’s always a good idea to have a service technician examine your suspension as well.


5. Swap your wiper blades

Often an afterthought, a long winter’s worth of wear on your wiper blades can result in seriously impacted performance—and seriously impacted visibility. Turn your wiper blades on, and if they leave streaks on your windshield it’s time to replace them; an easy (and inexpensive) task that you can do by yourself.

6. Get an oil change

As the lifeblood of your vehicle, engine oil (and to a slightly lesser extent, brake, power steering, transmission fluid, and engine coolant) is an incredibly important component of your vehicle’s performance. Not only that, but certain fluids are rated to perform better in different temperature ranges. So not only can a spring oil change result in a smoother driving experience, it can also save you from expensive repairs down the road.


7. Clean your vehicle

Last but not least, giving your vehicle a solid cleaning is an integral part of springtime prep. Much like the components mentioned above, salt and sand can cause damage to the exterior of your vehicle, as well as being tracked into the interior of your vehicle via winter boots. By keeping your vehicle clean, it will protect the materials used (both inside and out), while ensuring it smells nicely and retains its value.

Stop by Welland Honda, today, and let our experienced team help you get your vehicle ready for spring. From new tires to oil changes and detailing services, we’re Welland, Ontario’s premier source for all things Honda and all things automotive.