When it comes to a legendary vehicle like the Honda Civic, it’s always hard to pick out only a few highlights given how versatile and well-rounded it is. But we’re going to attempt to do just that—picking out just a few design highlights—to showcase the impressive nature of the 2022 version of the Civic. Read on to learn a myriad of ways in which owning a redesigned 2022 Honda Civic Sedan could, and would, make your life better. All courtesy of Southern Ontario’s premier destination for all things Honda: Welland Honda. 

Exterior Design Highlights

Adhering to Honda’s human-centred design philosophy, the redesigned 2022 Civic Sedan finds a number of ways to make your life easier through small and clever design details and amenities. The 2022 Civic is incredibly streamlined, not just for looks, but also to reduce noise when you’re on the road for a quieter, calmer ride. And making that ride a little bit safer is a set of standard LED headlights in an all-new design. While those LED headlights, and the available LED fog lights, help illuminate the road for you, the mirror-integrated LED turn signals provide an extra visual cue for those around you to help avoid collisions when switching lanes. But perhaps the most convenient feature found in the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan is the available one-touch assisted opening trunk. Tired of fumbling with your keys or trying to work a handle with your hands full? Well, that’s no longer a problem with the 2022 Civic Sedan.

Interior Design Highlights

The 2022 Honda Civic Sedan is well designed inside and out, with a number of interior upgrades providing everyday convenience. Amenities like the available heated front and rear seats that can make driving in those cold Welland winters that much more bearable. Likewise, the available heated leather-wrapped steering wheel will let you ditch the gloves in favour of a more hands-on and luxurious driving experience. You’ll find plenty of room to stretch out in the expansive open cockpit design of the 2022 Civic, featuring an intuitive and functional layout that makes the most of its space while putting everything you need right at your fingertips. And if that weren’t enough, the redesigned 2022 Honda Civic Sedan offers a unique, wider windshield with sharp corners that help do away with blind spots. Because great design isn’t just all good looks, it provides impressive utility, too. 

Redesigned to offer a sleeker, more refined look, along with a number of small touches that provide serious convenience, the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan is all about making your life easier. From providing a safer experience to simply a more convenient one, the design of the 2022 Civic is one for the ages. Book a test drive in the new 2022 Honda Civic, or simply explore the entire Honda lineup, with Southern Ontario’s Welland Honda!